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【Thanks a lot】是常用表达谢意的句子,意思是【非常感谢】。 【表示感谢的英文句子】 I'm much obliged.我非常感谢。 Many thanks.多谢。 Many thanks for your coming here.多谢你的光临。 Much appreciated.非常感谢。 Thank you.谢谢你。 T...

因为thanks a lot有两种含义,一种是正常的多谢,另一种就是比如说A同学把B同学的水杯打碎了,B同学此时就会说,thanks a lot,指的是“多谢你捣乱”的意思。简单来说如果把语调说错的话,就会惹麻烦。想正常说多谢,就直接说I highly appreciate ...

这里属于独立主格用法,a lot表示很多,thank在这里是名词不是动词

you are welcome that's all right not at all my pleasure forget it don't mention it no problem

thanks a lot for you和thanks a lot to you区别: thanks a lot for you是因为某事而感谢。 thanks a lot to you就是感谢你。

a lot和very much可用来修饰动词,表示非常,但a lot用于肯定句,very much可用在否定句或疑问句里,还可以用muchly修饰动词,如: Thank you very much. Ta muchly. Thanks a lot. I don't like learning English very much. Do you like learn...

thanks a lot ! 没有a lots 这种表达

Thanks a lot thank是个名词,也有复数形式. 所以再说a lot的时候,要加s

改错如下: Thanks a lot for your letter and I am happy to be your friend. Here are some things about myself. My favorite subject (are改成is) computer studies too. I like computer games, (especial改成especially) action games. Yo...

D 祈使句的反义疑问句。

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